Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Unboxing June's CurlBOX

So its been forever since I've done a post.  Shame on me!  I'm definitely going to get back on the ball.   Today's post is about curlBOX! June's curlBOX is actually my second box and so far and I can't wait to try some of the products in the box.   I decided to do an unboxing video and I will link the video to this post.  Let's talk about what's inside!

Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner
 First let me say that I love this stuff!  This was my first time trying it and I would definitely purchase it again.  I have tried other products from their line and loved those as well.  It smells great and makes my hair feel great as well.

Curl Care by Dr. Miracle's Frizz Control Serum
Now I will be 100% honest with you...I have never tried anything from Dr. Miracle's in my life, lol.  Not even when I was a relaxed chica.  So this would a first for me.  It smells ok to we shall see.  It gets very humid during the summer months where I live so I might put it to the test.

Nutress Hair Wrap-Guard Foam Wrap Lotion
Next up is a product that makes me want to break out my curlformers since I currently do not have enough flexi rods to do my entire head.  I have not heard of this company before so this will be my first time trying them.  Now I can't lie the smell kind of reminds me of Jheri curl products....but that doesn't mean it doesn't work great so I'll be reviewing this in the future.

Sofn'free Gro Healthy Milk Protein & Olive Oil Really Deep Conditioning Treatment
I have tried products by this company in the past, but not this one in particular.  I plan to use with along with my Huetiful steamer.  The size of this sample is a nice size as well.

Organic Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse "Dry Shampoo"
 This is a great alternative to cleanse your strands when you don't have the option of shampooing with water.

Free Your Mane Samples: Daily Detangling Conditioner & Baobab Brilliant Restorative Hair Oil
 I had not heard of the company before but I definitely plan on trying these soon.  I read a few other blog posts and it seems to be desired by many.

Ambrosia Hair- Honeybush Replenishing Hair Milk
 I've been wanting to try this for a while.  I prefer lighter products like this during these warmer months.

Bugs Off Mosquito Repellent Band
I definitely needed one of these.  I cannot stand the way traditional bug repellent sprays smell or how they feel on my skin.  I spend a lot of time outside during the warmer months so I tend to go through a lot of bug repellent.  Now I can do so without that tacky feeling the sprays leave behind.  The best part is the ingredients used are 100% natural according to the manufacturers website.

All in all I really like my curlBOX for the month of June.  The Summer Love Loathe box has a great theme behind it.  I love the fact that I received a full sized bottle of Curls product.  And I can't wait to test out the Bugs Off bug repellent band.

A special shoutout to Myliek for taking a simple concept and making it into a flourishing business venture!

And curlBOX subscribers got a few bonuses this month.  There were two coupons inside the box and instructions for a DIY Turban Style Headband from Glitter n' Glue.  She wants to see how we did with the DIY summer be sure to tweet her @Glitter_N_Glue on twitter.  

Here's my unboxing video for June's curlBOX.  Hope you enjoy watching it...I had fun doing the video and hope to do many more in the future.  Please remember to rate and comment...and while you're at become a subscriber, hasta luego!