Friday, December 28, 2012

Ipsy Series: Reviewing October

So I jumped on the Ipsy (formerly My GlamBag) bandwagon after saying I would not join another subsccription yeah. See what had happened Now if you haven't heard of Ipsy before here's a little breakdown of what this subscription actually includes a cosmetics bag, deluxe samples, and full sized beauty products...all for $10 a month. This is my first beauty subscription service and so far I have been pleased.I was intially impressed by the deep pink foil outer packaging.  I also like the fact that it's a small package that can fit inside a typical mailbox, so no worrying about it being left out in the open should you not be home at the time of delivery.  This has allowed me to try brands that I had no idea existed. If you didn't check out my unboxing video check it out here:

Let's get into what's inside:

The first thing I want to say is I really liked the cosmetics bag that my item arrived in, very cute. ;)
The Balm- What's Your Type? The Bodybuilder Mascara:
*This was an unfamiliar brand for me, so this would be my first time trying it.
*Trial sized, full sized product retails for $19 (available at website listed below)
*no additional packaging (such as a box)
*I found this mascara to be very black, which is a plus for me because I love true black macara, the blacker the better. ;)
*This mascara is specially formulated with Vitamin E, Panthenol, and Bamboo.
*I paired this with Smashbox Lash Primer
*Overall Impression: This mascara does exactly what it claims it will doesn't clump, doesn't flake (yeah for those of us who wear contacts!), and you can see how highly pigmented it is immediately.  The price isn't so bad, trust me I've seen mascaras that were quite pricey.  The packaging was simple.  From what I researched this brand is only available online...
Pequi Oil Treatment by Couture Colour:
*Familiar brand, this is the second item I've tried from this manufacturer, however this is my first beauty product.
*Trial sized, the same size retails for $12 (available at website listed below)
*Claims to restore softness and shine
*Light & non greasy, smells sweet.
*Personally I found getting the product out of the bottle difficult, the plastic was not flexible
*Overall Impression: This oil smells good, however the price alone would deter me from purchasing.  Personally the price for the amount of product just doesn't do it for me, but that's just me.  Also the packaging made dispensing the product difficult, yet another reason for me to not purchase.  I do NOT care for products that require brain surgery for me to get the product out of the bottle.  Now it lives up to the claims of providing softness and shine for your hair.  Now as for the ingredients...well let's just say those ingredients aren't on my favs list.  This product is fairly easy to get your hands on, it can be purchased at Sephora and the manufacturer's website.
Costal Scents (eyeshadow quad):
*Familiar brand, however this is my first time trying it for myself
*Trial sized quad, individual shadows average $1.99 (available at website listed below)
*The quad I received included the following colors: Jewel Green, Dark Golden Olive, and Bright Yellow.
Higly pigmented, high colour payoff, soft (a little too soft for my personal taste), applies easily, blends easily
*Manufacturer could make better trial packaging (flimsy), damages easily.
 *Overall Impression: I would purchase from this manufacturer, although I prefer eyeshadow that isn't quite so soft.  I like the fact that it does not take much eyeshadow to get great colour payoff.  I would consider this to be a fairly affordable brand.  I didn't care for how flimsy the trial packaging was so hopefully their typical packaging is much more sturdy.  From what I researched this brand can only be purchased via the manufacturer website.
Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain:
*Unfamiliar brand, first time hearing of it and trying it.
*Full sized, full size retails for between $28.08 - $35.10 (Depends on if you're in their VIP program and is available at the website listed below)
*I received Bomb 4, which is from the pink stain family.
Looks totally different without a camera flash

Now with the flash I like the color more...;/

Infinity Lip applicator...almost like a pinched applicator
*Just right consistency for a lip product, applies easily and smooth.
*Mirenesse promises to deliver lip color that is gloss, stain, and lacquer all in one.  They also promise to deliver highly pigmented color that's smudgeproof.  They also use a unique applicator (Infinity Lip)
*Typical packaging, came with offers for other products they carry.  The applicator as mentioned earlier is unique and made applying the product easy.
*Overall Impression: I definitely like the way the product feels as you apply it.  I defintitely like the fact that it doesn't feel tackey or gooey like a lot of other products I've tried.  In fact I noticed it actually felt moisturizing.  It stays on for a decent amount of time without losing shine.  The price is a little pricey for my personal taste, but you can't complain when the lip product costs more than your subscription fee ;).  I would have liked it more if the color was more to my personal taste.  It does look different depending on the lighting as you can tell from the swatch on my inner arm versus the full face photo. 
 Be A Bombshell Eye Liner
*Unfamiliar brand, first time hearing about it and trying it for myself
*Full sized, full size retails for $14 (available at website listed below)
*Typical packaging (box included)
*Large felt tip marker like applicator
*Must angle yourself for thinner application
*Doesn't rub off easily
*Applies smoothly
*Overall Impression: I personally plan to use this product on a nearly daily basis, however the tip is much larger than I personally prefer.  If you prefer a larger tip this should work well for you.  I like the fact it's a felt tip because it allows for smooth application.  You basically use it like a marker.
All in all I think I will continue my Ipsy subscription.  It provides an opportunity to try new brands without breaking the bank.  Let me know what your thoughts on this month's bag in the comments below.  Stay tuned for my review of the November Ipsy bag.  Hasta luego....
***DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not sponsored nor paid for my thoughts and opinions (by Ipsy).   All content from this post are those of the author.  Please do not take information from this blog without the expressed permission of the owner.  I don't mind sharing just be sure to reference this blog.  Thank you!*** 


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shop the Aisle Blogger Style with LexiwiththeCurls

I was invited to be a part of a traveling event known as Shop the Aisle Blogger Style at Walmart with Alexis Felder aka Lexi with the Curls.  Fellow bloggers Jadison03, NaturallyCreole, and NaturallyGlam were in the house as well.  You may be wondering what exactly Shop the Aisle is...its a series of in store experiences dedicated to bring consumers in the aisle to learn more about caring for natural hair using products available at retailers.  Attendants checked in and were directed to the hair care aisle where Lexi with the Curls gave hair care tips and product recommendations.  Many naturals don't know that Walmart, yes Walmart, carries some of their favorite natural brands such as Shea Moisture, Talian Waajid, and Eden Bodyworks.  After taking notes and purchasing their products attendants stopped by the table to pick up their goodie bag.  Now let me tell you these goodie bags were no joke, in fact they were the largest goodie bags I've ever seen.  I enjoyed hanging out with my fellower bloggers, Charlette High (the representaive for the event) and featured guest Lexi with the Curls.  Afterwards everyone (except Lexi, she had a flight to catch) went to dinner and we had fun just chatting it up.  Be sure to check out my video to see everything that was in the goodie bags.