Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Esthetician Series: New beginnings

So I've always been fascinated by the world of makeup....no secret there.  And there lies the common misconception that makeup makes you beautiful.  Makeup is supposed to enhance what's already there.  Well in order for that to happen you must take care of your skin.  Many of us get up every morning and wash our face and in many cases before bedtime as well.  Which seems like that would be enough, right?  Well that's partially correct....  If you're not using the correct products designed for your skin type you could be doing yourself more harm than good.  So now you may be wondering how do you find out if your using products designed for your skin type....that's where I come in.

I recently decided to return to school to embark on a new career.  That's right I'm back in school...I'm currently enrolled as a full time student to become a licensed professional esthetician.  My program consists of eight months in which I must complete 600 instructional hours which is a combination of theory and practicals.  During my time in school I will learn about how to give consultations, cleansing and the analysis of the skin.  I will also learn how to give manual facials/treatments also machine and electrical facials as well.  As well as body and back treatments.  Makeup and hair removal as part of my program as well.  

Check out my video that talks about my first week of class: