Friday, August 10, 2012

Return of the Curls

Return of the Curls was absolutely amazing!  I was in product junkie paradise!  There were products as far as your eyes could see.  Which was great because I can't purchase certain brands locally.  But there was way more to the expo than just shopping.  Felicia Leatherwood gave an excellent presentation and worked the Shea Moisture booth.  She has such a sweet and warm personality.  Dr.  Nina Ellis-Hervey better known as BeautifulBrwnBabyDol took the stage with outstanding tips on how to change your life covering topics from extreme weight loss to healthy living.  Jessica McGunity of Jessicurl and Karen of Karen's Body Beautiful gave wonderful presentations as well.  The fashion show was amazing as well, too bad I didn't grab footage of that portion of show.  Were you there?  Or did you miss it?  Well I've got great news for you either way...If you were there you had a chance to see that Keenya Kelly put in quite a bit of work to make this happen and she's already working on Return of the Curls Holiday Trunk show to be held November 18, 2012 and that will be co-hosted by Maeling Tapp better known as Natural Chica!  Now if you wanted to be there and for whatever reason you were unable to attend I took photos and footage of the show.

Save the date!

Check out the footage I grabbed while at the expo:
 Felicia Leatherwood


Wanna see everything Return of the Curls had to offer?

Of course I was going to shop, check out my haul!

I took a tons of photos, head over to my Facebook page to see all the photos from Return of the Curls:

So there you have Return of the Curls presented by Keenya Kelly.  Save that date and I'll see you at the Return of the Curls Holiday Trunk Show!