Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Three Years Strong! Happy Nappiversary to me!

What's up people?  Today's post is short and marks my third year of being natural!  Happy nappiversary to me!  It's been another year of discovering just how versatile my hair can be and tests my creativity.  Here's a little video on my adventures with my natural hair.  And remember if you're true to yourself at the end of the day nothing else matters and everything else falls into place.  Besos....

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Virginia Natural Beauty presents A Curls Night Out

I attended the official launch party of Virginia Natural Beauty...A Curls Night Out.  And was it quite a night.  Now you may be asking yourself as you read this...what is Virginia Natural Beauty?  Their mission statement is as follows: "Virginia Natural Beauty is a company created with the purpose of helping individuals to embrace their natural beauty and provides a source of information for natural hair, skin, physical health and well-being.  The company's goal is to uplift, enlighten, empower, and motivate all people desiring to move toward wellness."  Based on their mission statement I would say they delivered just that at their launch party.  The venue had such a laid back atmosphere, and the food and drinks were great!  The night started off casually, during this time you could shop with the various vendors, grab dinner and drinks, and of course mingle...
  • The first speaker of the evening was Tee Johnson, she spoke about her journey to wellness.  She spoke about her weight loss journey and her mission to become a healthier version of herself.
  • Up next was Angela Baker, who is the owner of the Holistic Academy.  She spoke about her life experiences that led her to researching holistic alternatives to traditional medicine.  Her overall segment was a workshop on "The Basics of Holistic Medicine Workshop."
  • Last but not least, the keynote speaker, Karen Wilson provided us with great tips on how to care for your hair during these cooler months.  Her Fall/Winter Hair Care workshop gave us plenty to keep in mind when it comes to hair care and how it should vary throughout the year.  Karen Wilson is a natural hair educator and owner of Karen Wilson Natural Beauty.
The venue chosen for this event was the Speakeasy Hippodrome and like I said earlier this place was nice.  The food was great...I ordered the shrimp and grits which I must say were the best I've ever had.  I also ordered the crab and spinach dip which was quite tasty as well.  There was a drink created just for the event, but I opted for the Bonjangles. 

Now my favorite part of the night was during the live performance.  Chkn Grese took the stage and they definitely did not disappoint.  From the time they took the stage until they finished their set they rocked the house and had pratically everyone out their seat and moving to the beat.

The vendors were plentiful for your shopping needs.  The vendors included: EBJ Hair Studios, Candlewax and Wine RVA, Traci Lynn Jewelry, Glo Designs, Ria Scott, and Goddess Body.

Now what event would be complete without giveaway?  There were plenty of great items that some lucky attendants took home on top of the goodie bags.  Which Curls was gracious enough to provide full sized jars of one of the products from their line.  There were other goodies in the bag, but you have to watch my video recap to find out.;)

Here are some photos from the event:


Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Return of the Curls Holiday Trunk Show Is Here!!!!

So I am too excited that the Return of the Curls Holiday Trunk show is finally here!!!  Well almost here...there's only a few hours left until event time.  Between meeting Natural Chica and all the shopping I'm not sure where I will start.  If you don't have your ticket now I need to know what you're waiting one?!  You can mix and mingle with other naturals, get a little shopping done, meet one of the biggest YouTubers, and get your grub on.  What more could you ask for?  More?  Yes more...there's going to be a product swap as well.  Who knows you could find your latest holy grail in that product swap.  And if you want to be helpful, which I know you do.  Donate a gently used coat and your admission ticket will only be $5!  Now you can't beat that.  Don't hear about there to see and hear it all for yourself.  I will be there with several other bloggers so be sure to say hello....see ya soon!
Get your tickets here:

Natural Chica attends Return of the Curls!

So Return of the Curls is doing big things.  They just hosted an expo back in the summer, which if you missed that you truly missed a treat.  There were tons of big names in the house that day, and the holiday trunk show will not be undercut.  Nikki Mae aka Natural Chica will be in the house!  Im too excited as I have always wanted to meet her.  Just from watching her videos she seems like a laid back and sweet person, which is what has always drawn me to her videos.  Natural Chica has been a great source when it comes to product reviews.  She's allowed all of us to tag along on her natural journey and I'm pretty sure many of us are quite thankful for that.  She will be at the Return of the Curls Holiday Trunk show discussing her journey with all of be there or be square.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Return of the Curls Vendors!

The vendor list for the Return of the Curls Holiday Trunk show is available!  There are a few of my personal favorites on the list.  You can plenty of shopping done at this event.   I'm too excited to see everyone there!  The trunk show takes place November 18, 2012.  If you haven't purchased your ticket I highly suggest you do so because I hear it's supposed to be jammed packed.
Purchase your tickets here:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

Where is 2012 going?!  It's mid November already!  It seems like it was like a week or so ago the kids returned to school.  With November comes cold days and even colder nights.  Now I don't know about my readers but I'm sure some of you are rocking caridgans or light jackets by now...and if you live in the Northen states I'm sure you've broken out the heavy duty I can trek through 0° degree weather coats.  But imagine not having a coat when you truly need one but don't have the funds to purchase one.  Not a good look, right?  Now would be a great time to rid your closets of coats you or your little ones no longer use.  Where would I bring them you ask?  Bring them to the Return of the Curls Holiday Trunk show!  Attendants who donate gently used coats will only pay $5 for admission!  Now that's a sweet deal...discounted admission rate and you're giving back to those who may be in a tight bind.  This could truly aid someone who may have been effected by Sandy...

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Return of the Curls Holiday Trunk Show: Product Swap

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Ever heard of a product that made you give it the semi sideeye?  So what do you do?  Do you blindly buy into the hype?  Or do you scour the web for what seems like forver reading product reviews and watching video reviews?  Then it ignore that little voice in your head that's telling you that you really don't need yet another product and you break down and buy it anyways.  So now you're totally confident that you made the right decision...right?  Now you're headed home with your head held high or waiting impatiently for your box to arrive.  Now you've tried and it was all of nothing!  For whatever reason you're not feeling it...whether it be bad ingredients that you somehow missed, or the fragrance, or it plain just didn't work for you.  Now you're stuck with something you can't even use...or so you thought.  At the Return of the Curls Holiday Trunk there's going to be a product swap!  Now for those of you who have never participcated in a product swap here's the skinny on what exactly goes on at a product swap:  it's simple, just bring a product that for whatever reason you could not return it to wherever it was originally purchased.  Others will be there doing the same thing and you typically get a ticket for the item you brought and you turn in the ticket when you pick up an item that you portentially want to try that someone else didn't care for.  Easy, right?  No money spent and now you may have a product that's more to your liking.  What one person may consider trash someone else may have found their latest holy grail.  Now the container should be more than half full when you decide to purge your bathroom and rid yourself of products that just didn't do the trick.  Personally I have discovered products that I'd never heard of prior to a product swap.  It's a great way to rid yourself of products collecting dust around the house and try out something new.  So why don't you purchase yourself a ticket to the Return of the Curls Holiday Trubk show ticket and partcipate in the product swap that will be held during this great event.  Wanna know how you can score tickets at a cheaper price stay tuned for my next blog post!