Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ipsy Series: Reviewing January

So, yeah see what had happened was....well if you're gonna listen  I know, I know it's been forever since I've done any blogging or videos.  I'm back and I will give notice should I decide to take another hiatus.  However I was recently sicker than had me wondering for a minute.  But I'm finally back to myself, woohoo!  Now I've had plenty of time to review the January Ipsy bag.  I must say this bag was different than any of the others that I received in the past.  Honestly the first thing I noticed makeup. since it's months later I didn't bother to go back and shoot a video.  So you know my flow...let's get to my thoughts

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter

* Unfamilar brand, first time trying anything from this product line
* 2.5 oz size, retails for $7 (available at website listed below and also check your local Target)
* I would venture to say the consistency is more like that of a lotion.
* Free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and petrolatum (can't go wrong there)
* Overall Impression: I love the smell of this product.  I'm definitely into citrus scents and I happen to enjoy the actual fruit itself so this was hit with me.  Now I'm not a fan of uber thick lotions, cream, etc. however this was more like a lotion to me rather than a butter, which is another reason to love it.  It absorbs easily.  I use this as a hand lotion since my skin is typically to sensitive to tolerate scented lotion.  The size that came with this shipment is the perfect size for your handbag.  I would actually like to repurchase this and possibly try other variations from this company. 

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

* Semi-familar brand, first time trying anything from this product line
* Trial size, (various sizes are available for purchase at the website listed below, you may also purchase this item at authorized retailers such as Sephora)
* Dropper style dispensers makes dispenssing the product easy and cuts down on wasting the product
* Unscented
* Multiple uses such as a moisturizer for face and body, nail treatment for cuticles, and a bath oil
* Overall Impression: I have been wanting to try Argan oil and just didn't get around to it until I received this in this shipment.  I tried using it on my face and it worked well under my daily moisturzier.  Majority of the time I used it to unravel my twists to prevent frizz.  I liked the fact that it absorbs and doesn't just sit on top of my hair.  The dropper style dispenser is a plus...I hate it when it feels like you can't control how the product is dispensed because that can lead to product being wasted.  I definitely wouldn't mind repurchasing this product.

SOHO Crease Brush

* Unfamilar brand, first time trying a brush from this line
* Full handled brush, from the Get A Grip Line, retails for $8.99 (available for purchase at the website listed below.  Also may be purchased at major retailers such as CVS/pharmacy, Harmon Discount Health and Beauty, Walgreens, and Walmart)
* Overall Impression: I liked the brush and would definitely recommend it for several reasons.  The price is perfect for the quality of the bristles.  The bristles are very soft and pick up color.  It makes blending your crease easy overall.  Also the brush tapers into a slight point which makes getting deep into the crease easy while blending colors out.  And finally the grip of the handle makes gripping the handle comfortable.  I'm actually tempted to try more from their line. 

Nailtini Nail Lacquer Frappe

* Familiar brand, second time receiving in Ipsy shipment
* Full sized, full size retails for for $13 (available at website listed below, select US retailers, and US salons)
* Typical packaging (box included)
* From the Straight Up Color Lacquer collection
* Sheer pale pink
* Overall Impression: Personally I didn't care for the color up front.  In fact I had to play with it for it to grow on me.  In fact I ended applying between two to three coats.  After that it still looked too plain for my personal taste so I ended up applying Set in Stone by Essie for extra flair.  I like the Nailtini line of lacquers however this is a color I would not have picked out.

Two coats of polish didn't give me the color payoff I was looking for.

Eh...three coats later I decided I would definitely have to add some flair.

Looks better with a little sliver glitter polish.

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Voluminizing Hairspray

Surprise! No review here because I did not use the product.  I'm not the ingredients police but I know for a fact there are ingredients in this that I would not use.  And besides I have enough volume naturally.

My overall thoughts on this bag  For $10 I can't complain...three out of five isn't bad.