Thursday, October 25, 2012

curlBOX Series: Unboxing September & October

Hey life has been a bit hectic lately.  But life goes on so I decided to put both my videos up at the same time.  Hopefully I won't be this late again, but family comes first.  Be on the look out for my curlBOX natural video.  I just got the email this morning that it just shipped so I will be on the look out for my mailman.  Please be sure to check back here in a few weeks to see what I thought of the products.  I've got my work cut out for me, whew!  Hasta luego chicas!

September curlBOX
October curlBOX

Desired Beauty Supplies presents Fall Into Beauty Blogger Style

Hey chicas. I just wanted to share an event that I was graciously asked to be a part of by Jonna of Naturally Glam.  Jonna, myself, Naturally Creole, and Samara of Styled Chic enjoyed sharing our hair care tips and product recommendations with all the lovely ladies who joined us.  I didn't get to take very many photos, but I have a few to share.  Now you know I can't go anywhere without hooking myself up so check out my video to see exactly what I purchased.  Besos...
Here are some photos from the event:
 Naturally Creole, Naturally Glam, Curly Cubaminican, and Styled Chic
 A friend of mine stopping by to support the event.
 One of the lovely ladies who decided to join us.
Another friend stopping by to support the event

Return of the Curls Holiday Trunk Show

The holidays are approaching and many will be making plannings to gather with loved ones.  But what about your curlfriends?   You can't leave your natural hair buddies out in the cold.  Now you may be wondering...when and where will I find time to do that? Between work, raising families, attending school, etc you will find yourself trying to squeeze curlfriend time in without stretching yourself too thin.  "But I don't have any natural hair friends!"  Well Keenya Kelly of Return of the Curls has the perfect answer.  She has decided to do another Return of the Curls I know you're wondering: "Wasn't there just a Return of the Curls event back in the summer?" And yes there was, but this time she's put a different spin on things.  This November there will be a Return of the Curls Holiday trunk show.  Wanna find out what to expect from this exciting upcoming event? Stay tuned on my blog as I will be blogging about this event weekly.  Hasty luego chicas!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ipsy Series: My first Ipsy Bag

Hey everyone! It feels like its been forever since I did a video and what better way to come back than a new unboxing/unbagging type video.  So I finally broke down and decided to join yet another subscription service, lol.  I know, I know I'm already a certified product junkie in the hair department.  The funny thing is I was a makeup junkie far before I became a hair product junkie.  So here's my first video of the Ipsy series...hopefully Ipsy will stay on the ball and I will remain a faithful customer.  You can't beat the price of $10, so I had to least give it a try.  Give me a week or so to try everything and I'll be posting my review here on my blog.

Here's everything!