Saturday, July 30, 2016

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Disposable Razor

Price: $8.99-$12.75 MSRP
Accessibility: Disposable razors are relatively easy to find.  Supercenters, grocery stores, drug stores, and of course you can purchase them directly from the Gillette Venus website.
Claim to Fame: Provides a closer shave without irritation.
Overall Impression: I received this razor complimentary via Influenster for reviewing purposes.  I'm not extremely hairy so I don't require five blades to get a close shave.  The shave was too close for my skin and I experienced razor burn despite the fact this razor is marketed for sensitive skin.  I've used other Gillette products in the past and did not experience any issues.  Now for those who know I'm a esthetician who is pro wax is thinking why don't I just wax my legs.  Well I would but I'm contraindicated for waxing my legs due to eczema.  All in all I would say this razor lives up to it's claim to fame when it comes to providing a close shave.  Unfortunately it was just too much for my skin.  I want to thank Influenster and Gillette for providing me the opportunity to review this product.

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