Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Wet Brush

Price: $9.99

Accessibility: You can purchase it directly from The Wet Brush website.  You may also purchase it from retailers such as Target, Sally Beauty, and Ulta. 

Claim to Fame: The creators of The Wet Brush came up with the concept of Intelliflex™ bristles.  This is what allows the brush to glide through the hair without much effort to detangle.  Which means you should not be tugging excessively on the hair.  It's safe to use on wet or dry hair; curly or straight hair; thick or fine hair. 

Overall Impression:  I have mixed thoughts on this brush.  Detangling does take minimal effort...its the balls on the ends of the bristles that had a tendency to get caught up in my hair.  I have natural afro textured hair.    I did notice that it seemed to catch more towards the ends of my hair.  I'm half and half on this review.  I would totally like the brush more if the balls were not on the ends of the bristles. Also it's time to replace the brush when the bristles start shedding.  I may purchase another in the future.  Check out my review of the Clean Sweep™ by Wet Brush® cleaner tomorrow on the blog.

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